Devils Due demon baby terrorizes city streets

WATCH: Evil Devil Baby Terrorizes People On The Street, Devil’s Due Is Here

Devils Due demon baby terrorizes city streets

It’s the attack of the evil devil baby! This demon seed was seen terrorizing people on the streets of New York City.

Innocent bystanders were shocked and scared out their wits when an evil devil baby popped out of an abandoned stroller when concerned people walked near by to check on the baby.

After the baby ‘scared the hell out of’ the bystanders, they were notified it wasn’t a real baby after all.

The robotic, satanic baby in the abandoned stroller seen projecting vomit all over the place was a promotion for the upcoming Eli Roth movie “Devil’s Due.”

The “Devil’s Due” film is a supernatural horror starring Allison Miller, Zach Gilford and Sam Anderson based on a couple who soon learn their planned pregnancy isn’t what they planned. Soon after their pregnancy, the husband begins noticing strange behaviors in his wife and their relationship and pregnancy take a horrifying turn.

The Devil’s Due movie released in theaters this weekend.

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