Shoshana Roberts walk NY in tight jeans black shirt
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Viral Video Shows Shoshana Roberts Walk NY Street & Harassed by Over 100 Men in 10 Hrs

Shoshana Roberts walk NY in tight jeans black shirt

In a video that has gone viral, a New York City woman named Shoshana Roberts claims that she was catcalled by over 100 men in just over 10 hours as she walked the streets of Manhattan, NY.

Roberts, who is seen in the video wearing a tight fitted see-thru black top and tight spandex-like jeans, claims she was catcalled by “all types of people” and considers the comments, made by the men of ‘all colors, shapes, sizes and ages’ in the video, harassment.

The video recording, which is titled “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” was basically Roberts’ PSA for non-profit organization “Hollaback!”

The video has been receiving mixed reactions with some supporting and agreeing with her that ‘no woman should have to go through that’ while others claim, on one hand, she is dressed in a way that ‘she should expect it’ while others claim that ‘the majority of comments were actually compliments.’

As a note, Shoshana Roberts is an alleged former past victim of sexual assault and is also a reported black belt martial artist and actress.

Watch the video of Shoshana Roberts allegedly getting over 100 cat calls in a 10 hour timespan.

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