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Video Blooper: Lil Wyte Tells A Fan ‘I Hope You Gotta Big D-ck! No Homo!’

In a previous video segment of rapper Lil Wyte and Partee’s live cam show, where the Hypnotize Minds’ affiliate, and CEO of Wyte Music, along with co-host Partee, rapper and CEO of Gain Green Entertainment, go live with fans via webcam, the two joke about a dude named ‘Smallwood,’ who’s apparently one of their frequent viewers.

Lil Wyte began joking with the viewer ‘Smallwood’ after Partee shouted out the viewer’s name, “Smallwoooddd!” which at that point Wyte asked, “Is that the town or is that his name — I hope dude’s name ain’t Smallwood… must be a neighborhood in Nashville.. that’s yo name? My bad dawg.. hope you gotta big d-ck!”

Partee, jokingly, turns around as if shocked to state, “Awww.. Uhhhh — no homo!” which Lil Wyte immediately agreed, “No homo, but I hope he’s got a big d-ck, his name’s Smallwood. Know ’em saying, like that’ll be f-cked up.”

Wyte then, after maybe realizing his live! blooper remark, stated “I know, I’m playing, I’m just joking mayne, f-cking around.. I know it ain’t the first time you heard it though either so….” Wyte said referring to the viewer Smallwood, which led Partee to go off subject, “Is that De La Hoya (while looking at the computer screen)”, Partee stated followed by “It’s alright homey,” as if laughing at the fan’s reponses in live chat on the screen.

The two, Lil Wyte and Partee, joke around on their live cam show, which fans of the show have taken into their hearts, literally, as it is some of the fans first chances to ever meet or to ever have met their favorite artist, Lil Wyte or Partee, live in person, somewhat!

Near the end of the video clip, Lil Wyte shouts the fan out again joking to the fan stating, “I don’t care what your last name is, I love you anyway. It’s still funny though.” The rapper ends answering a fan’s question about his all time favorite song which Wyte responds with “Talking Ain’t Walkin” which comes off Wyte’s previous album “The One and Only.”

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  1. I am Smallwood and I think this is some crazy s--t. I just found this s--t. How crazy is that?
    I am glad to be in a list with this s--t though.
    Publicity is publicity.

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