Urban Radio More Than Just Entertainment

Urban radio listeners have listened to shows that gave them nothing but entertainment for years. They never reached out and provided substance for the audience, something more than just entertainment, but something that they could really use. That has changed; more radio shows are now focusing on the life of the audience now. They are providing the audience with something of meaning, that they can take with them to their jobs, home, and any other place they travel.

Two men that have helped change the format of the radio shows are Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden. These two men have taken two different roads to get to the same place, a place that allows them to reach millions of listeners daily. Joyner and Baisden have approaches that are similar to each other but very different. They remain up front with the audience but in their own ways. For the most part they are a breath of fresh air for the world of radio. The focus has changed from being strictly entertainment to being more life focused. They provide more information on what is going on in the world and the urban communities across this country.

Tom Joyner aka

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