Update: Young Buck Wasn’t Robbed, Speaks Out On Incident

Young Buck has denied that he was robbed, but states he did however get into an altercation which ended in his watch being lost. The rapper also states he was was not carjacked or robbed for his Bentley.

As recently reported, news surfaced on urban news and gossip site MediaTakeOut that rapper Young Buck may have possibly been robbed in Nashville, TN at a club called “The Place”, however Young Buck has denied this as states he was not robbed, but he did however get into an altercation which ended in his watch being lost, but the rapper was not carjacked and his Bentley was not stolen.

“Ain’t nobody robbed me for a thing,” Young Buck told in a statement. “There was an altercation between me and a dude here in Tennessee and during that altercation, I lost a watch which came off my arm. But as far as someone taking my Bentley, my Bentley is sitting pretty without a scratch on it, right here in my driveway and my jewelry is right here too. I guess this is what people wanted to happen. I didn’t get robbed for anything.”

Later, it was reported that Young Buck altercation was over Buck oweing someone some money. However, Young Buck has denied that rumor as well.

“I don’t owe anyone money and the dude who I had the altercation with knows me and I know him and we already had our words since the altercation happened, so whoever is posting this or commenting on this recklessly is trying to take Buck down but you can’t take Buck down,” Buck stated.

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