Kevin Davis mugshot Texas teen
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Unthinkable: Teen Kevin Davis Admits Killing Mother, Losing Virginity To Her Corpse

Kevin Davis mugshot Texas teen

Kevin Davis, an 18 year-old teenager in Corpus Christi, Texas, has admitted to an unthinkable crime – murdering his mother, 50 year-old Kimberly Hill, and then losing his virginity by having sex with her corpse.

In one of the most shocking crimes heard of, Kevin Davis reportedly beat his mother’s head in with a hammer striking her several times in the back of her head until she was dead.

This was only after he unsuccessfully attempted to strangle his mother with a video game cord.

It gets worse and even more graphic.

The teen, after bashing his mother’s head in, proceeded to feel inside of her head in an attempt to feel her brain to make sure she was dead.

If that was not enough to make the ‘worst crimes ever’ list, the disturbing story gets even worse as he admits to losing his virginity with his mother’s corpse.

Kevin Davis has been handed down a life sentence for his unthinkable acts and crime committed against his own mother.

Showing his lack of remorse, Davis admitted further that he wouldn’t take back what he did though he “did love her” but says he simply is a “disgusting person” that doesn’t have morals and added that he “isn’t crazy” because he knows what he did.

Kimberly Hill mother of Kevin Davis

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