Unity in the Rap Game

How many times do you see artists coming together to do a record or a whole album? It is happening more now then in past years. Artists are now realizing that it is much easier to work with someone else on a project, than it is to do it alone. The concept is one that has been overlooked, but today in the rap game, it is becoming more common.

Rappers in different parts of the country are putting their efforts and resources together to do the work that they did alone before. The unity that has become apart of the rap game is something that is needed in all areas of life. Americans should embrace help from others to get things done. Although, it is easier to say than it is to do.

The bigger you are in the rap game the more people you will receive demos from and other material that they produce to get that big break. As a mover and shaker in the rap game, you are needed to assist the younger rappers and young music executives; so that they can get that chance, you received years ago. Often when someone makes it big, they forget about where they came from and the people that they left behind. That is not the case for rappers in the Bay Area.

The Bay, the name given to the West Coast, is a place where unity lives in all the rappers. The bigger they become the more they help the ones that are following them. Rap vets like E-40, Too Short, San Quinn, and JT the Bigga Figga are some of the old school rappers who have grazed a path for the young rappers to follow. They are working with young, up and coming artists, showing them the ropes of being a rapper. Snoop Dog is another veteran that is making it a little easier for the young rappers to get a break in the rap game.

Unity is not always seen in the rap game, majority of the time rappers get that big break and let the money and fame go to their head. The Bay Area allows you to see different, they have embraced unity and work together to advance their movement as a whole. If all rappers supported each other, would that hurt their sales? That is a question that sometimes prevents rappers from working with others, but one that should be over looked.

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