Uniform Dress Codes For Schools, For Better or For Worst?

Did the violence in schools go up or down since the uniform dress code has been enforced?

Violence in schools seem to be on a rise in the Memphis area. On Oct. 24, a student shot another student in a classroom at Manassas High School in North Memphis. This is just one of many incidents to happen since the uniform dress code really got enforced in 2001. A few years back, a student got beat to death at WestSide High getting jumped into a gang. Is it because the students that are involved in gangs are not allowed to wear their gang colors so they have to act out their loyalty to their gang?

So did the uniforms really work or make matters worst? I think they can’t blame the parents on this one because they did their job by making sure their child wore uniforms everyday when going to school.

The school system should do more to find out who are the gang members and what students have violent behavior in their background. Its obvious the teachers and principals are under-paid for putting their lives in danger everyday, but some type of system should be formed to monitor these type of situations or more shootings like the one back in October at Manassas High will continue.

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