Underground King of Memphis Playa Fly Sets to Return with New Album ”Mafia All Day”

Everyone has been long awaiting the return arrival of the fan-proclaimed “Underground King of Memphis”, Playa Fly, who has unfortunately been back and forth to prison for the last couple of years due to legal troubles stemming from possession of narcotics and other miscellaneous charges dating back to 2000. Well, fans will be glad to hear that sources told that Playa Fly may be released from prison next month and plans to begin immediately working on his highly anticipated sixth album release “Mafia All Day”. While details are unavailable, sources told that the “Mafia All Day” album project is currently slated to be released with the full support of national distribution from a major label which will be announced at a later date.

“Yes Playa Fly is really humbling himself and staying focused…” Mr. Ivy, spokesperson for Playa Fly told via phone conversation earlier Friday morning. “If everything works out his album could be releasing this summer.”

With a loyal fan base of thousands and thousands of fans across the globe, Playa Fly has managed to move a combined total of 250,000 plus units independently off his previous body of work. With a multitude of classics such as “Nobody Needs Nobody” off the album Movin’ On, album-titled “Just Gettin It On” featuring Gangsta Blac and his father the late Bill Chill and “Just Awaken Shaken” also off the album Just Gettin It On, just to name a few, Playa Fly is definitely not a new artist to making hit singles.

As the final days of his sentence continues to count down from lock down, Playa Fly on his return to the streets will be glad to know that he is still one of the most respected southern rappers from the underground rap scene.

About Playa Fly

Playa FlyKnown for his role as being one of the first original members of the Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia, Playa Fly later left Three 6 Mafia in 1995 due to disputes. After pursuing his own solo career “Playa Fly” (then known as Lil’ Fly) released only one independent album entitled “Out Da Darkness Of Da Kut” in 1993 before signing with Super Sigg Records.

Playa Fly later released his national debut album “Fly S--t” on Super Sigg Records which included a part two version of his popular independent release “Triple B---h Mafia” off “Out Da Darkness Of Da Kut” in which he once again spoke out against ex-members Three 6 Mafia. This immediately gained him even more loyal fans from this national release.

Throughout his music career Playa Fly went on to release four additional albums including “Movin On” in 1996, “Just Gettin It On” in 1999, “Da Game Owe Me” 1999 and “Fly2k” in 2002.

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