Tyra Banks kissed by Chingy female groupie

Tyra Banks plans to go undercover as a rapper in order to infiltrate a well-known Southern rapper’s entourage.

Tyra Banks has stripped herself of all her beautiful assets before to experience the world as a 350-pound woman and now the Supermodel turned TV host plans to go undercover as a rapper inorder to infiltrate a well-known Southern rapper’s entourage.

“I actually had a suit thing that went over me that made me have pecs and, like, a six-pack,” Banks, who underwent five hours of preparation for the transformation, told AP Radio in a recent interview.

“And I was so muscular that it covered all of that breast tissue underneath it. We had to give me like, a heavier brow bone and a man’s chin and bone structure.”

You want to know what rapper is Tyra going though all of this for right? Well, Banks, 32, looks to infiltrate Chingy’s entourage for the episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” which is set to air November 13.

“Chingy kept saying that my voice was way too high and I had to fix it, so I would go, like, ‘You know, what’s up? … You know, you lookin’ kinda good,’ ” said Banks, speaking in a low, gruff tone.

Tyra does however get a bit of a surprise from a young woman who was fooled by Tyra’s undercover disguise.

“She kissed me,” Banks said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that was really weird.’ She ran up and kissed me ’cause she thought that kissing me would get her closer to Chingy.”

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