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Two Teen Girls Standby Laughing As Man Gets Shot During Robbery

Two 17-year-old teenage robbers were caught in disturbing video surveillance footage showing the town robbing a customer of a Baltimore Chinese food carryout restaurant as two girls leaned casually against the wall laughing at the incident.

In the video clip, obtained exclusively by The Examiner, the two robbers burst into the store, sticking guns to a customer’s head, and two girls, without fear, laughed during the holdup before the 46-year-old man was shot.

Prosecutors of the case are reportedly outraged as well as judges and even Baltimore’s mayor.

The two teen robbers have been charged as adults, but the rest including the two ‘laughing’ girls will probably not be charged.

In even more shocking news, the detectives stated that shopkeepers continued taking orders and serving customers while the man bled on their floor, refusing him shelter behind the counter.

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  1. I remember when family dollar was robbed. All we did was stand there me the cashier the gunman and my sister. We looked crazy a$$ hell just smiling scared to move not knowing if he would shoot us if we moved. I think that is a nervous laugh they are you can see when he came in she moved over..and when he ran she ran just as we did when he got done robbing and ran out we hauled a$$ to. We did not know what the hell he would do if we ran or said anything..

  2. i would have loved to caved those stupid little b-----s heads in. how can you laugh at that? that guy was pissin his pants starin down the barrel of a gun while they stand 2 feet away laughing. f----n sensless retarded w----s

  3. that’s just low.them gurls should go to jail. they was laughing and that’s just bad enough. if i had a chance to be on the news it will not be like that. all this black on black crime. if the dumb brats wanted to rob somthing at least wait until they make a profit,but do’t shoot the man. i really think that them dumb broads had something to do with it.and for that they should be charged. but you know what they say…”the apple don’t fall to far from the tree.” them dumb broads.

  4. thats crazy…..i wonder if the girls got robbed to…..if dey didnt….dey down wit it…..its just messed up dat people have to act like this…..i just cant wait till our culture invents a new form of music….generates billions of dollars and influences the world…..then our culture wouldnt have to rob each other…..

  5. The teen girls must be used to seeing stuff like that. That might be something that happens on a daily bases with them. Its reality. Every neighborhood isnt like Mr. Rogers’.

  6. That is some bullsh**, that makes me not like my black people sometimes, i mean come on i understand not wanting to get shot yourself but to stand there and laugh at him. And then as sson as he gets shot you not laughing no more now you running. They need to pass a law that if you stand by and watch something happen to someone that might potentially kill or even kill them for that matter you should go to trial as well. This is a damn shame and it hurts my heart. That could have been anybody’s father, uncle, brother, or even grand-father.And if it was one of those lil heffas fathers they would be on the news right now crying and sh** hoping the dudes that did it get life.

  7. they look terrified, poor kids. being scared is no crime. They ain’t robots. They’re just poor, frightened human youth who shouldn’t have to be tested like that. Nervous laughter, you know? Guns everywhere, damn.

  8. The only issue I have with coming down so hard on these girls is the fact that they were in a closed space with two thugs with guns. While laughing may have seemed callous (shallow, inappropriate, cruel, etc.), the fact of the matter is that they were in a spot in which armed men came in to rob someone.

    While many of us are brave virtually, and feel no qualms of conscience condemning these girls, put yourselves in the shoes of two young girls, presumably in the ghetto, waiting in line when someone comes in with a gun. Which among us is going to do anything to call attention to ourselves?

    Let’s just talk to the ladies. Aside from trying to inconspicuously bounce, what else would you do? Stand there grim faced and scared most likely. Diffuse the situation perhaps, by making light of what invariably is an every-day occurrence? Notice that once a bullet rang out, they were out.

    As long as that incident took, did the store owner call the cops? Did anyone come to the aid of that dude? The girls laughing is harsh, but when you think about how Black people continually suffer around the world, we are ALL anesthetized against ordinarily horrible events, and often do not act appropriately.

    Put a camera on any of us as we drive by a horrific accident. What are we doing? Gawking and rubbernecking. Its not like any of us get out of our cars to render assistance, we simply drive by–slowly to get a good glimpse. Then we eat our donuts, turn up the music and keep on driving.

    I’m not excusing their behavior, I’m just suggesting that we check ourselves.

  9. Now that is telling us something is very wrong with our kids do they even care,No you can see it on their faces,i`d be very afraid if i had even daughters like that,not alone men-childs,lets take back the streets and our childrens,PLEASE!!

  10. Gotta love COWARDS with guns. They would just be hiding in the corner if they didn’t have their guns. WOW what a big man, and the two future welfare mothers are just as big of losers as the gun men. I use the word men very loosely here.

  11. What many folks don’t realize is that brain development occurs from back to front. Brainstem (basic functions) to forebrain (higher functions, emotion, empathy). Some teenagers aren’t wired to respond appropriately to such situations, hence laughter as an inappropriate response. A significant number of those teens tested identified faces showing fear as showing other emotions including anger. This does NOT excuse the actions of the adults running the restaurant. Animals.

  12. What kind of coward shoots the unarmed person they just robbed? This is why i carry a concealed pistol. Gun to my head or not those two wouldn’t walk away to do this again. As for the people there and the girls laughing. They’re lower than dirt and completly worthless human beings.

  13. What many people don’t know is that not every human is human. Now that we have so many cameras out there in the world we’re starting to realize this when we see people react like this. Most people are just biological robots. Not every human being is completely evolved to the state of human like we think they have. Physically we all look alike, but mentally, some of us have things that others don’t, like a conscience. Others are simply a form of robot. They can only do what you have programmed them to do. They wake up at the same time every day. They go to work because that’s what they’ve been told to do. They all react the same way to any given situation. The only thing they’re capable of doing is what you’ve shown them how to do.

    That’s the problem with these girls. They’re not actually laughing like you think they are. They’re just robots that are simulating laughter because nobody has shown what they’re supposed to do in this situation, and being robots, they are incapable of figuring it out for themselves. So, they just laugh which is basically a randomized response.

    You may think that’s crazy, but only if you are not one of them. You think because you have a conscience and you’re human every being that looks like you must think like you, but that is simply not true.

    Imagine developing an artificially intelligent robot. On your quest from robot 1 to the first robot that has a conscience isn’t it obvious some of those robots in between would appear to be conscience but are in fact simply simulating it? This is the way humans developed. We didn’t go from dumb to intelligent all in one go. There were many steps along the way and much of the less evolved DNA still exists out there.

    That’s what we have going on here. Nobody helped the person being robbed because there was nobody there. The only humans in the room were actually un-evolved robots that simply hadn’t been shown what to do in this situation. They’re not full human beings in other words.

    I know, I know. You think I’m the crazy one, but check this out. I’ve seen this before on that clip on YouTube where a man gets ran over and nobody helps him.

    Watch that video with what I just told you in mind, that most people are actually robots without conscience. You’ll see that nobody goes over to the man. The people on the sidewalk just look from the sidewalk and the traffic continues to roll by. However, in the extended video you’ll notice that at the end someone eventually does walk out to check on the guy. You’ll also notice that when the first person walks out to check on the guy that a group of other people do too. Some of the people that follow him out were the same people that wouldn’t leave the sidewalk two seconds ago. Maybe you think they weren’t walking out because of the traffic, but then you have to ask why they would all of a sudden jump out in the middle of traffic as soon as someone else did even though they wouldn’t do it themselves two seconds ago.

    The reason is because they’re human robots. They’re on the sidewalk because that’s all they’ve been programmed to do. However, when the first person walks out to check on the guy everyone follows him out because the first guy acts as the programmer. Nobody knows what to do, but when they see someone else do something they’re programmed to say, “Ok, that’s what I’m supposed to do.” Then, once shown what to do, they do it without question even though it means standing in the middle of traffic. Why? Because they’re not true human beings. They’re robots. So, once shown that they’re supposed to jump into traffic and help the guy they all jump into traffic. But as you’ll also see from the video there’s no paramedic there.

    There isn’t anyone that’s been programmed to save lives. So, what do they do? They stand in the middle of the road looking at the guy not knowing what to do. There is no next until someone comes along and shows them what next is because they’re robots. They cannot think. They cannot improvise. It’s impossible because robots don’t think. Only humans think and they are not true humans.

    This is how Hitler killed so many people by the way. Hitler didn’t actually kill millions of people. He just told his robots to do it and robots are happy as long as they don’t have to think. Their only desire is to wake at the same time everyday and do what they’ve been programmed to do. As soon as Hitler said I want you to wake up every morning and kill some Jews, everybody got up in the morning and killed some Jews. that’s all there was to it. It’s not any more complex than that. Robots don’t have conscience or emotions. They just carry out commands. Any normal human would have refused. So, actually we see that there are very few actual human beings out there. Most “humans” just do what they’re told and that’s the way they like it. Well they get it.

    That’s why these girls laugh. Not to be racist, but they’re black. The black community is programmed to do one thing and that is glorifying “gansta” violence and teenage pregnancy. You see they’re not really bad people. The problem is that they’re not people at all. They simply do what the media has programmed them to do. They ask no questions. They do not hesitate. They just do, but only what you’ve taught them to do. They are incapable of thinking for themselves or improvising or inventing. The worst part is you can’t tell by color. You have no idea who is real and who is a simulation. Well, you can pretty much figure it out, but first you have to realize what’s going on, and then watch for it carefully. Then you’ll see it.

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