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Twerking to Classical: Bet You Never Seen The Twerk Dance Like This Before?! (VIDEO)

Twerking Photo to Classical

Ok, by now everyone has seen a little bit of the twerk dance before. Well, if you follow celebs and music artists, you’ve seen a lot of twerking including Miley Cyrus twerking, Amber Rose twerking, Nicki Minaj twerking, Rihanna twerking and more.

Well we bet you have never seen twerking like this before – twerking to classical.

In this video by Huff Post Comedy, twerking from the Twerk Team to amateur twerkers have been mashed together for something quite sexy and humorous, at the same damn time.

Talk about a fine line between the arts of creativity coming together!

Watch the Twerking to Classical video below. Enjoy!

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