Photo of Desmond Hatchett father of 30 kids by 11 baby mamas
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TN Man, 33, Fathers 30 Kids By 11 Baby Mamas; Wants Child Support Help From State

Desmond Hatchett, 33, of Knoxville, Tennessee is the father of 30 kids by 11 mothers and was in court on last week begging the state to help him pay child support.

According to WREG, Desmond Hatchett only has a minimum wage job which the state takes half of his paycheck. Many of his baby mamas receive as little as $1.49 per month and are demanding support.

As to how he ended up with 30 kids ranging from toddler age to 14 years old, Hatchett states it first started when he had four kids in the same year, not once, but twice.

And what’s funny, Desmond Hatchett had been in court for his large number of children back in 2009, when he had 21 kids at that time. So it seems that Hatchett didn’t take a queue from the last visit at the court house and added 9 more kids to his list of children.

From the looks of it, sounds like Desmond Hatchett may need to grab a few jobs or opt for some protection or birth control (both him and the woman) in the future or look into a vasectomy.

As for the state doing something about Desmond Hatchett continuing to have children, it is stated there is nothing they can do since he hasn’t broken any laws.

How do you feel about Desmond Hatchett having so many kids and what do you think should be done for those who seek help from the state but continue their same practices?

Photo - Desmond Hatchett father of 30 kids by 11 mothers

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  1. The problem is with the women who are having kids with Desmond. The way to stop them from doing this is to deny them WELFARE CHECKS for the kids. If a woman comes on the dole with 3 kids, for instance, she should get no check for the 4th that comes along later. If these “ladies” knew that each baby doesn’t equal increased income they would not be so lax about sexing with Desmond. What to do with Baby #4? Put the child in an orphanage — after all a Desmond baby is a baby an ORPHAN with 2 LIVING PARENTS. In a real orphanage the baby might have a chance of learning some good values that will prevent its following in Baby Daddy and Baby Momma’s footsteps. This may sound harsh, but it is the only way to keep Desmond and his fellow sperm-shooting guys from creating hoards of babies who have no chance in life.

  2. How so you know he has any children? Have you seen any paternity tests? Likely not as none have been done.

    I’ve been seeing this report over the last 4 days, and everyone is assuming there must be something wrong with this Desmond Hatchett to have so many kids that he cannot support. However, how do we know he has 30 kids? These stories are beginning to sound like racist rhetoric to make black men look bad. Where is the proof that he fathered all these children? Where are the paternity tests?

    A man in his situation could not afford the cost of doing the paternity test, which he would have been required to pay for even when they come back negative, which they do 33% of the time. Worse, he likely did even attended any of the hearings, thinking they didn’t care about his rights. It is just as possible that he is not the father of any of them. The same applies to the man serving time in Michigan for not paying $400,000 in child support.

    For 23 years I have volunteered my time working with divorced and single fathers, and know just how unlikely it is that at least some of the children are not his. The media needs to be demanding proof of it and not just spreading racist rumors.

    George R. McCasland, National Mediator
    Dads House Educational Center & Groups

    • “These stories are beginning to sound like racist rhetoric to make black men look bad.”

      Hmmm … I guess we’ll need to know the races of the various baby mommas to figure out if this might be a racist story to make the black woman, white woman, red woman, etc., look bad. Desmond seems to think that these kids are his, which means he’s been having a lot of unprotected sex with a wide number of women — or is that little fact also something created to make the “black man” look bad?

  3. Court ordered Sterilization-he lacks sense and fails to use protection. and could be spreading std’s in the process.

  4. Truth be told, in many low income situations the state is better off offering to pay for vasectomies / tubes tied since they will pay much less for a one time surgery than they will over the life of all the offspring created (yes Shelly, unfortunately offspring instead of children because that’s how the father and mothers here regard them – procreating out of lust not love). Unfortunately many women in these situations wear their multiple children from multiple fathers as a badge of honor that proves more than one man desired them so if they won’t take birth control they probably won’t have their tubes tied. And the men – if they aren’t held responsible for the kids they already created then what’s motivating them to stop? And I don’t agree with forcing these idiots to be sterilized because that is a slippery slope.
    I do on the other hand believe if you go to the government for assistance (which means other citizens are paying your way) then you should have to accept their rules and we don’t have enough rules to deter this behavior. Want the “Government” help feed and clothes your kids? Sure, if you pass a drug test (yep, drugs are expensive and if you can afford them then you can afford to feed your kids…or offspring). If you don’t want “government” involved in your life then don’t ask them to pay your way… Some people need assistance and deserve our help – they are willing to play by the rules and prove it – let’s help them. And by the way, I had to take a drug test for my company to hire me and pay me money, so why would I pay my hard earned money (that I had to play by the rules to earn) in taxes going to someone who doesn’t have to submit to the same rules?

  5. Unfortunately, can’t let the kids suffer. However, Desmond needs to be forced into a vasectomy since he’s too stupid to put a raincoat on, and while we’re at it tubals are in order for all 11 of the baby mamas since they obviously are all stupid enough to have more than one kid with this jerk.

  6. I don’t think he should get anything at all from the state we the people didn’t help him to procreate. For starters he didn’t think enough to get the FREE CONDOMS offered. I sure don’t want my taxes helping this player to reward him for having NO SELF CONTROL. Tell you what for men who can’t keep in there pants and the Stupid women who believe them that he loves only them and in this case 11 women I am fine at 3 to 5 the state paying to have the STUPID PEOPLE FIXED. If my Son had even 4 kids with 2 different women he would be getting fixed one way or another. For you women with this man if you don’t have enough pride in yourself to stop this then what are teaching you little girls and boys? You are telling your daughter(s) its okay to have a MALE not a MAN a MALE treat THEM with DISRESPECT and NOT LOVE. And your Sons you are showing them how to be this male and how to find WEAK FEMALES that right FEMALES NOT WOMEN because you are just as IRRESPONSIBLE HAS HIM. CLOSE YOU LEGS PULL UP YOUR PANTS AND KEEP THEM ZIPPED. I pity the Children and I think people in this messed up circle should get help mentally!!! Noticed I said PEOPLE IT IS NOT YOUR AGE THAT MAKES YOU AN ADULT IT IS YOUR ACTIONS AND ALL OF YOUR ACTIONS ARE DEPLORABLE .

  7. Taxpayers. Meet your boss.

    Mr. Hatchett, I send your children and their mothers money every month. It is the least I can do. I hope it helps. Please enjoy your life. Gotta go to study, work around the house, call my three kids (I know we all can’t be you) to see how they are doing and then get ready to wake at 3AM so I can be ready work on Monday. Will keep those checks coming. If you need me to take a second job, pay higher taxes or give the government everything I’ve worked for instead of giving it to my children please let me know.

    Anyway, you are the boss and it is all about you!

    Best regards. Jim Bob.

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