Tips To Beat The Triple Digit Heat

The heat can take a huge toll on our mind and body and can zap you into a frenzy.

The heat can take a huge toll on our mind and body and can zap you into a frenzy. Inorder to beat the heat here is a list of things you can do to keep your composure, still look pretty and stay cool.

Drink plenty of fluids. That means water and anything like Gatorade which will rehydrate you. Keep a small face cloth with you to damp your face. Where lose-fitting clothing. No need to retain heat it’s already hot enough. The less fabric that touches your body the cooler you’ll feel. I’m feeling cool already. Wider is better! Synthetics, like polyester and rayon, do not breathe. You want to wear natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. Get rid of the bling bling jewelry because once the sun gets to steaming you will begin frying in that one spot. It’s like when you ride in the car with you arm up in the window. Yes, and now your arm is another color from the rest of your body. Think about a necklace ring around your neck. LOL Use a tinted moisturizer rather than a regular foundation. I get sick of looking at women with caked up make-up on their faces which starts to flake. If you want to wear foundation, use a non-mattifying make-up. If you exercise do it before the sunset or late even hours. Also don’t wear cotton because once you get to sweating it will start to cling to your body.

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