Three 6 Mafia Relationship Ends With Crunchy Blac

The Oscar-winning group Three 6 Mafia known for tearing the club up may now be tearing the group up. For a few weeks rumors have been floating that Crunchy Blac of Three 6 Mafia was no longer with the Oscar winning music group. In a phone conversation on Wednesday evening sources revealed to that the group actually fell out shortly after winning the Oscar. “During the last few tours Crunchy Blac got tired of them (Three 6 Mafia) putting his album on the backburner. He’s now working as a part of his group the Hard Hittaz, and an album, which I think is in the mastering stage,” the source stated to The members of the Hard Hittaz revealed in the interview include Crunchy Blac himself, Damian ‘Dee-Dee Ossie’ (a producer from Memphis), and another member referred to only as Brad (from New Orleans).

Even though many believed that this was just a rumor stemmed to promote an upcoming album it is the lack thereof the album itself that is the blame why the group is no longer a threesome. Also mentioned in the phone conversation with was that Crunchy Blac has actually been trying to get DJ Paul and Juicy J to support him in releasing his solo album for the last four to five years and he (Crunchy Blac) just couldn’t take being putoff any longer.

The Hard Hittaz name was first placed in the forefront after a interview with La Chat in which La Chat stated to that she had a group called Hard Hittaz. Is this the same group which former members of Three 6 Mafia have now formed in rebellion to Three Six Mafia or is it because they had no choice but to leave inorder to be able to grow beyond the title of ‘just another Three 6 Mafia member’. La Chat was unavailable for comments.

Additional sources revealed to that DJ Paul bluntly admitted he is not in this industry to help anyone since no one helped him. True fans that have followed Three 6 Mafia since their beginning years know that the group (in it’s entirety) began as a span of more than 20 Memphis rappers including Lil Fly (today known as Playa Fly), Gangsta Blac, Lil Noid, Lil Glock, SOG, K-9, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Carmike, La Chat, Gangsta Boo, M-Child, Lord Infamous, Droopy Droop Dog, Mr Del, Scanman (Killa Klan Kaze now Kamikaze Inc), MC Mack, Koopsta Knicca, T-Rock, K-Rock, Indo G and others.

A few of these members have stated to and other underground sources such as UGTV and Streetmasters that DJ Paul and Juicy J didn’t look out for them, but they still have respect for the two (Paul and Juicy) and the hustle.

In related news, quite a few of the original members including Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, K-Rock, Indo G, T-Rock, Scanman, and MC Mack were recently reported to be preparing to release a new reassembled Prophet Posse (the prename of Three 6 Mafia) headed under CEO Nick “Scarfo” Jackson who helped launch the careers of DJ Paul and Juicy J. “When I was 18. I went to federal prison, but that is a whole other story for another interview. I got out, made over a million in cash and put Three 6 Mafia on the map. When I got out they acted like they didn’t know me, but there ain’t no love lost,” stated Nick “Scarfo” Jackson in a recent issue of Street Masters Magazine.

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