Three 6 Mafia: My Real Idols

Derrick writes I am a representative of Grenada, MS 38901. A person may not realize it, but 3-6 Mafia are real idols that you would want your kids to be like. When I listen to music, I dont take it as something that is real. I listen to music the same way I watch wrestling as entertainment. When a person raps about drugs, thugs, and other bad stuff, dont take it serious because 90% of music is made up so they can make money. If half the people done what they rap about, they would be dead or in the funeral home.

But let me get back to the point I was making. Three 6 Mafia have shown me one major thing that a lot of people fail to do, and that is to never give up on a goal. 3-6 Mafia’s goal in life was to be rich, famous, and successful. If you look at the years that Three 6 Mafia put in and think about all the years it took to be known to the world. A normal person would have gave up. So whenever I am at school in college, and I see people ride by me riding fancy cars or living in big houses, I just remember my time is coming to live that life. So in conclusion, I will just keep it 3-6 style and stay working hard in school and saving my money and one day my time will come.

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