Kate Ogg baby Jamie died at birth 2 hours later back to life

This Story of Mother’s Touch & Breast Milk Bringing Dead Baby Back To Life Will Shock You

Kate Ogg baby Jamie died at birth 2 hours later back to life

The story of a mother whose baby died during birth but was brought back to life 2 hours later from his mother’s touch and breast milk will leave you shocked and touched.

Jamie Ogg, the baby in the story, who is now 4 years-old, would have not likely been alive today if it wasn’t for his heartbroken mother asking to hold his lifeless body.

Jamie was pronounced dead by his physician after medical staff attempted for over 20 minutes to revive the newborn who weighed just 2lbs at birth.

Jamie was born a twin and came into this world with his twin sister at just 27 weeks.

After being pronounced dead with no hopes of bringing him back, his mother Kate asked to hold her son so she could say goodbye.

Kate caressed tiny Jamie in her arms as she and her husband spoke to him telling him his name and about his sister.

The heartbroken mother revealed to little Jamie all that she wanted to do with him throughout his life as he lay lifeless on her bare chest.

Cradling and talking to him, Kate with breast milk on her finger witnessed signs of life in Jamie after being clinically pronounced dead.

Kate tells the touching story of her baby coming to life on the Today Show that was captured in photos and on video. Watch the video.

Twin baby dies at birth comes back to life, heard breathing 2 hours later

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