Thief Tracked Down by GPS

A thief in Indianapolis was tracked by an angry store owner who installed a Global Positioning Device (GPS) in some of his merchandise.

An angry store owner in Indianapolis was trying to think of ideas after his fifth burglary to catch a suspect. The owner claims that after someone told him that he would never catch the thief, it motivated him. Using the DeWalt GPS product he was actually selling in his store, he rewired them to call his cell phone when it was moved. He then placed trackers on commonly stolen devices and sure enough on the sixth burglary he got a call to his cell phone.

The merchandise had actually only been take about a half mile away to an apartment complex. He notified the police and his merchandise was recovered but the thief, Jeffrey Burton, is still on the run.

Hopefully this will be a new way for store owners and all to catch thieves more often.

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