The ”Spit Out Your Soul” Online Rap Contest

Join the “Spit Out Your Soul Contest” by leaving your name, email address, and a 30 bars rap of your finest work on the following website: The winner will be chosen to get publicity on our webpage, win a free autographed CD from us, an option of doing a collab with us, and an IPOD Shuffle.

If you are in and want to prove that you got skills, click on the leave a comment/question link and depict your words. Good Luck!


Recommended Video

Memphis Rap Unreleased Video Footage: GNerd, DPKOM & Ryan Buckin, Jookin to Yo Gotti's "Harder"


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  1. Angelo…
    remember the name n---a
    cuz im about to pull this trigga
    and ruin your brain figa.
    go so f----n sick
    mah sickshit sticks on you like a f----n bumber sticka n---a..
    im 12 years old…
    ill wait on your lot in the snow white cold..
    i tell whats gonna get told.
    when the jacket gets unfolded
    cockin a semi…7 bullets loaded.

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