The Soul of a Hustler

By any means necessary, that is how a true hustler feels. A hustler is someone that puts it all out on the line to pursue a goal. The formal definition of a hustler is an entrepreneur, which is the recognition and pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources you currently control, with confidence that you can succeed, with the flexibility to change course as necessary, and with the will to rebound from setbacks. That definition holds true. A bona fide hustler never allows a condensation to hold them back; forward progress is not just possible it is necessary.

Capitalism is something America has emplaced in the country that has put all Americans in hustler mode. In America today the entrepreneurial spirit lives in us all, but there is a very few that actual live day in and day out as a true hustler. Many allow setbacks and their current position to keep them stationary.

In the rap industry many companies have been created from the spirit of doing what it takes to improve your condition. Some of the well known entrepreneurs are Sean Combs (Diddy), Russell Simmons, Jermaine Dupree, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter), Baby of Cash Money Records, Dame Dash, and the members of 3-6 Mafia. These are some of the players who have helped change the business side of the rap industry. It is common now to see smaller record companies being developed by the rappers to better control their futures. This being how the business is being run now, it creates more jobs and opportunities for African-Americans.

One problem is the leaders of the country are doing more research on the new owners of these companies and how they financed their companies. This has caused problems for a number of people. Irv Gotti of The Inc. had a number of charges that said he started his company for drug money. The head men of BMF Entertainment, Terry and Demetrius

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