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The Heat is on!

Miami, Florida-based rapper Pitbull has accused his label TVT Records of not properly promoting his latest album, “The Boatlift,” claiming that the record label’s President Steve Gottlieb doesn’t clear him for any major recording features and is not helping to promote his career.

This is the beginning of artists realizing things aren’t always what they seem. A record deal is probably every artists dream, a way to be heard, a way to be seen, a way to sell albums and make money! But if your not getting any marketing out of your deal then you really didn’t get much of a deal at all-Pitbull is not alone in this fight against “The Label” They throw all this glam in your face: money, cars, girls…just to lure you in and make you feel important but when it comes time to get down to business and market your new album and raise sales, your stuck high and dry with yo record collecting dust on the shelf. Then of course they’ll make sure you get publicity talking about how many albums you DIDN’T sell. So answer me these questions on why artists like Yo Gotti, Kia Shine,8Ball and MJG who are signed to major lables but either get no marketing at all or have to fork over their own money for promotions, recording time, and videos. It almost makes you wonder if they are trying to put a block on the South?? Much props to Pitbull on speaking up, using his brains and not getting caught up in some B------t.

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