Mateo The Cupcake Kid on Ellen
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The ‘Cupcake Kid’ Finally Gets His Cupcake + $10,000 Thanks To Ellen DeGeneres

Mateo The Cupcake Kid on Ellen

If you haven’t seen the infamous viral video of the adorable ‘Cupcake Kid,’ real name Mateo, then you must have not been on social media sites.

The Mateo ‘Cupcake Kid became an instant Internet sensation when the video uploaded by his mother went viral.

The video captures the moment when Mateo is seen begging or should we rather say negotiating a deal with his mother “Linda” for a cupcake.

His mother tries to explain to little Mateo that he could not have a cupcake and he should not try to go around her asking other family members for the cupcake either.

Mateo’s response is simply epic.

Well, we’re not sure if he got his cupcake or not from his mother, but he finally got his cupcake and $10,000 from Ellen DeGeneres’ sponsor/advertiser Shutterfly after they learned that the family was living with Linda’s parents while her husband works and attends school to obtain his bachelors.

Check out the adorable and funny video of Mateo the ‘Cupcake Kid’ below.

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