The 411 On The Official Fight Party and the Memphis Honeys were at the “Official Fight Party” at around 8:30 checking out the so called hype that was suppose to be going down. While DJ Trick, and the Memphis Honeys prepared themselves for the event, I looked for the ice sculptures, food and more that wasn’t in sight and the celebrities that was suppose to be hanging out.

The wiring of the sound system sucked and constantly caused the sound to go out. Inturn, this totally messed up DJ Trick’s session which caused boo’s and had everyone blaming him, which was in no way his fault. By the way we were not able to get the exclusive video footage we had hoped for, because the confirmed television crew of “City Beats” could not show.

I really hate the screw ups that happened at the Party and the hassle Tim of had to go through. When I spoke with Tim, “I just had to tell him with any big event you must have alternative methods just in case one doesn’t fall threw, and this is one thing you all lacked. There were a lot of things you could have done to prevent alot of this!” Out of misery he looked at me like he could just pass out in any given moment, which I don’t blame. tried to offer him artists to preform at the Party, but he relied on the unexpected music performances that were a no show. To bad they did not take us up on our offer to supply Memphis Rap artist for the event.

I feel sorry for both Tim ( and the people who bought tickets. Keep in mind you both lost something.

On a good note there was those who did enjoy themselves watching the fight, dancing and drinking the night away. We did enjoy ourselves hanging out with Memphis Honeys and the guests who came to hang out with Memphis Rap.

Stay tuned to photographs and more to be posted later.

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In other news Fox 13 Memphis reports of ticket buyers being very upset due to not receiving the services they paid for which was promoted on the advertisement. Many people paid up to $1,000 for tickets. Lack of celebrity appearances, no food and no free champagne were some of the reasons people sought out refunds.
For Refunds Call 1-888-361-5327

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