Margie Rhea Ramey Mugshot - Shoots At Family For Turning Around In Her Driveway
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Tennessee Woman Shoots At Family with 5 Kids For Turning Around In Her Driveway

Margie Rhea Ramey Mugshot - Shoots At Family For Turning Around In Her Driveway

A Tennessee woman in Hawkins County was arrested after shooting multiple times at a family of seven as they backed up to turn around in her driveway.

‘Oh no they’re not’ is probably what was going through the mind of 72-year-old Margie Rhea Ramey who admitted to shooting at the car of Oscar Scott, his wife and 5 kids.

According to Scott, his wife and five young children were riding in their Chevy Tahoe heading back home to Virginia after spending time at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, TN. Instead of Scott taking the regular route, he decided he would take a “scenic route” which landed him on a very narrow road forcing him to have to turn around.

What Scott didn’t know is that the driveway he chose to turn around in had a very angry woman inside the house who had come gun in tow on the porch.

Scott says that he only heard a woman yelling from the porch, and the next thing he knew, a shot was fired and went through the passenger’s door.

Scott’s frantic wife screamed and yelled to tell her that they were just turning around. After Oscar Scott’s wife yelled to tell her this, another shot was fired at his entire family which struck the Chevrolet Tahoe again.

Margie Rhea Ramey who used a .22 caliber rifle claims that people had been tearing up her driveway.

Scott did admit that Ramey had a no trespassing sign at the end of her drive, but he had no choice but to back-up to turn around because the road wasn’t large enough for two cars to go down.

Margie Rhea Ramey was arrested when Scott called authorities after the incident happened.

Ramey was charged with seven counts of felony reckless endangerment and is expected in court on September 23rd.

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