pregnant woman stomach - belly

Tennessee DID NOT Outlaw Birth of Mixed-Race Babies, It’s FAKE But THIS Law is Real!

pregnant woman stomach - belly

There’s news circulating on social media that Republican Governor Bill Haslam signed a new law that has made Tennessee become the first state to criminalize women for giving birth to a mixed newborn baby.

Simply put, that report is not true, however, there is a new law in Tennessee that will affect future pregnant moms.

Bill Haslam signed a new bill into law that would criminalize pregnant women who are caught doing illegal drugs while knowingly pregnant.

Apparently, the fake news, which claims it had to do with mixed race babies, seemed to have originated from a satire news site.

Meanwhile, the actual new bill is the first of its kind to be passed by a State in the United States which will punish women who have a child that is born addicted or harmed by narcotic drugs.

Those opposed to the new bill fear that it will prevent new expectant mothers to get the help that they need, or that the baby needs, due to fear of being arrested for their habitual drug problem.

Still, any pregnant mother caught using drugs will face a misdemeanor charge of assault under the new law which goes in effect July 1 (HOUSE BILL 1295/Amends TCA Title 39).


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  1. I think inter racial relationships and pregnancies are terrible. Yet the majority of white people nowadays apraise it. Why? It’s degrading for white people. Just because it’s the in thing doesn’t make it right. It’s like getting a horse with a zebra. There was a programme on tele recently where a white woman was kissing a black man. And a 4 year old boy said to his mum look at the black man kissing a white woman he said. He cringed. Now that was an instinct of a 4 year old boy.

  2. I have a question ??? I was wondering if it is illegal to marry interracial (black and white) in the state of Tennessee ?? I know it sounds silly and crazy but heard it was true so just wanted a second opinion. Thanks

  3. Some people will believe anything if it's bad news, but it takes a miracle to convince them of good news. And then some people just plain believe anything, period.

  4. Yep, I had a lot of friends that believed it. Coming from a mixed race family I would have been livid had it been true but I'm not the type to take things for face value on the internet.

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