Taylor Swift Shake It Off twerking music video
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Taylor Swift’s Twerking Music Video ‘Shake It Off’ Accused of Being ‘Racist’

Taylor Swift Shake It Off twerking music video

Critics are accusing Taylor Swift’s new video for her song “Shake It Off” of perpetuating racial stereotypes because it contains twerking. Huh?!

When did twerking become a racist stereotype? Oh, we know when – it was when Taylor Swift released a video for “Shake It Off.”

So, if Nicki Minaj were to released a video maybe ballroom dancing and some of the models sported a blonde wig, then they would be portrayals of racist white stereotypes – right?

Still, poor Taylor Swift simply just can’t catch a break. Maybe that is why in the lyrics of “Shake It Off” she says “haters gonna hate.”

If it’s not Kanye West bashing her, it is someone else bringing negative vibes to the artist who simply just seems to be wanting to have fun or is maybe possibly changing her style as she grows.

Let’s keep in mind, Taylor Swift is but 24 years-old and started her career quite early, much like rapper Soulja Boy, so her style and music would definitely take on modern dances, modern music and culture.

That’s not what rapper Earl Sweatshirt believes. The rapper tweeted that Taylor Swift’s video was “inherently offensive” adding that it was “ultimately harmful” for what it portrayed.

So what do you think? Check out Taylor Swift music video “Shake It Off” and see for yourself.

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