Sugar Ray Leonard and wife Bernadette Leonard
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Sugar Ray Leonard Nods He Could’ve Beaten Floyd Mayweather, Jr. In His Prime

Sugar Ray Leonard and wife Bernadette Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard, real name Ray Charles Leonard, named after his mother’s favorite singer Ray Charles, nods in a video hinting he thinks he could have defeated Floyd Mayweather in his prime.

Leaving a restaurant in Hollywood a night ago, Sugar Ray Leonard had a run-in with celebrity gossip site TMZ Sports and was asked could he have beaten Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The former boxing champ, who held 6 world titles in 5 weight divisions much like Floyd Mayweather, Jr, who is a 5 division champion, didn’t say much of an answer to the question but he nodded in a yes fashion that he could have beaten Mayweather in his time right before his wife Bernadette Leonard said “no comment.”

There definitely was not many who could compete with Sugar Ray Leonard back in the day, including Floyd Mayweather’s father, former boxer Floyd Mayweather, Sr., who was beaten by Sugar Ray in a 10th round fight by TKO in 1978.

Watch the video of Sugar Ray Leonard being asked about Floyd Mayweather, Jr., as well as another video highlight of the fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

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