Video photo: Fan slaps Beyonce Butt
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Stupid or Lucky? Fan Slaps Jay-Z’s Wife, Beyonce’s Butt During Concert (VIDEO)

Beyonce Butt

Beyonce Butt 2

Captured on cellphone video, this guy has got to be either the stupidest or luckiest fan around.. when he slapped Beyonce on the butt at her Copenhagen concert on Monday.

Why is he stupid?

    1. He could have been arrested for sexual assault or sexual harassment at least.

    2. He could have gotten beat down by HUGE bodyguards/bouncers just ready to pounce on some stupid fan that takes things too far.

    3. Although she is a sexy milf indeed, she is still someone’s wife – and that someone is an even scarier guy with even scarier goons again just ready to pounce.

Why is he lucky?

    1. How many guys can walk in a bar and say that they have smacked a celebrity’s booty.

    2. How many guys can walk in a bar and say that they have smacked Beyonce’s booty.

    3. He hasn’t been arrested and so far; and there’s no news of him even being kicked out the concert.

Either way, this dude has got to know he violated the “diva” golden rule: “You can look at it, but you better not touch.”

Had he been on the street or in the club, we’re sure Beyonce would have ‘checked’ this dude something serious!

For now, let’s call him Mr. Lucky!

Watch Beyonce’s response to the guy after he slapped her on the butt.

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