mom buttocks impaled by pole for texting and driving

Story of Woman’s Buttocks Impaled Sends Chilling Message – Don’t Text and Drive!

Christina Jahnz buttocks impaled texting and driving

The story of a Colorado mother, Christina Jahnz, whose buttocks was impaled in a freak accident while texting and driving will leave you either shocked, disturbed or reformed.

By now, in our new age of mobile technology, everyone may have heard the warning “Don’t Text and Drive.”

While many don’t take the warning serious, this news, if nothing else, will definitely make you think again.

Christina Jahnz was texting while driving and, just when she may have thought it was safe, what happened next has changed her life forever.

Jahnz was on her way to pick up her daughter, a student at Elizabeth Middle School in Colorado, when she began texting a friend which distracted her just for a matter of seconds before she struck a pole that impaled her in the buttocks after it went through the body of her truck.

The pole sliced through Christina Jahnz’ thighs leaving her helplessly impaled by the guardrail as firefighters rushed to her aid.

Their job now was to be able to extricate Jahnz, who was amazingly conscious through the entire ordeal, from the car without causing her anymore harm.

The firefighters were able to free Jahnz by cutting away enough of the pole to transport her to the hospital.

Though Jahnz survived her chilling ordeal the story sends a very strong message:

“Don’t Text and Drive!”

mom buttocks impaled by pole for texting and driving

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