Still No Charges Against DMX

After a month of detectives making several visits to New York rapper DMX’s Arizona property and reportedly confiscating 12 pit bulls and illegal drugs, no charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper.

After an August 24 raid of New York rapper DMX’s Arizona property, 12 pit bulls, including 3 carcasses, several weapons, and a small amount of illegal drugs were confiscated by law officials.

Newly publicized reports show that detectives made at least seven visits to the property this summer and forensic reports state that the animal remains found on the property, though severely decomposed, showed signs of injury. The reporting veterinarian said that the overall decomposition of the dead dogs prevented further examination.

Detectives claim to have significant evidence against the 36-year old rapper, however no charges have been filed.

DMX’s attorney stated that his client was not home during the raid and hadn’t been there in months. He says that DMX hired professionals to look after the animals in his absence and that there was not act of animal cruelty on his part.

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