S.P.V.’s V-Dog set to release ”South Memphis” featuring GB and Playa Fly

S.P.V. veteran V-Dog prepares to release new album entitled “South Memphis” off Mad Klan Muzik. Check out the album’s first hot single release entitled “Da Lord is Calling.”

When last spoke with V-Dog he stated, “I’ve always been in the shadow, but now I’m finna do my thang.”

When you cop this album be sure to check out track 6 where V-Dog, Gangsta Blac and Playa Fly light up a killa track entitled “Killerz On Da Reala” and also peep out Track number 9 entitled “Dark Dayz” where V-Dog clears up some of the questions of how hisself, Playa Fly, Gangsta Blac, DJ Paul and others met up, hung together, recorded together, then suddenly broke apart

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