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Soulja Boy Disses Charles Hamilton On Video

Rapper Soulja Boy has responded with a diss of his own to this recent Charles Hamilton statement:

“I’m not trying to play Soulja Boy, but chill. It’s because of Soulja Boy that my day today the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog s--t that’s dead real to me is considered a joke and I’m on the same label as the n---a, so it’s quiet for n----s and I really don’t wanna hear that, I don’t wanna hear that.”

“Don’t ever compare me to that n---a, because first of all he was rich before me so he immediately took himself of out of the bracket of comparison, number 1. Number 2, I’ve been on my Sonic s--t before the deal. Jimmy did not tell me, “hey we’re trying to work with Sonic let’s get this…” No, I developed my own s--t over time, I’m the same me, I use to dress a lot weirder…, ” Charles Hamilton added in another statement.

In Soulja Boy’s video response, the rapper stated, “Yah boy was about to start crying on an interview, my boy said don’t compare me to Soulja Boy, he’s rich, he got more money than me…”

Soulja Boy goes on to speak a little positive and tells Hamilton to get his Swag up or maybe get with Mario and eat a few mushrooms.

“But in the back of my head, it’s like ‘f--k you!’ But, you know what I’m saying, it ain’t ‘f--k you,’ man. I’d rather share some advice on you than get on here and say, ‘p---y, you don’t want no beef’… I send the goons at your momma house… I’d rather take the positive route. You gonna have to go to the drawing board right. You know get out the magic marker, X out the Sonic and you might just wanna f--k with Mario.”

Watch Soulja Boy response to Charles Hamilton’s statements in this video interview:

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  1. The way I see it, Soulja Boy the so called “Soulja Boy” rapper we were cool but his mouth is what got him dealt with I ain’t got nothin against him but he soft as tissue, but when he disses my hood that’s a hell no no one disses Hardeman County, Tennessee.

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