Picture of Shidea Lane interview about Cleveland uppercut video

Shidea Lane Talks On Video About When Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts, Punches Her

Photo of Shidea Lane interview about Cleveland uppercut video

Shidea Lane, the 25-year-old woman, first believed to be a teen girl, caught on video tape, has broken the silence and spoke out about the day of her incident when she was on the receiving end of an uppercut delivered by a Cleveland bus driver, now identified as 59-year-old driver Artis Hughes.

As reported on MemphisRap.com, a video of a bus driver in Cleveland who uppercuts a female passenger that was apparently taunting him during the bus ride went viral after surfacing on the internet.

People were shocked at the video and the uppercut delivered to the woman, later identified as Shidea Lane, but after more sketchy details came out, some people are now taken up for the bus driver, and not Shidea, who at first seemed to be the victim.

As always though, there are four sides to every story, one side’s story, the other side’s story, real true full actual story and the story reported and spread.

Local news caught up with Shidea Lane, who gave her side of the story.

Shidea claims, she doesn’t remember everything because she was “hysterical” at that point, but says when she boarded the bus, Hughes thought she didn’t have any money but she says she did, and things just “escalated” from there.

Shidea says she still can’t believe, no matter the encounter, that “a man could hit a woman that hard” and she felt like she “was on Mortal Kombat.”

When asked did she hit Hughes, Shidea refused to comment until talking to her lawyer.

Watch Shidea’s interview with local news.

Shi'dea Lane, Cleveland Bus Uppercut Victim Speaks Out

Shi'dea Lane, Cleveland Bus Uppercut Victim Speaks Out

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  1. They only showed him Knocking the s--t out of her. They did not show here screaming cussing, and attacking him. Screew that s---k. She got what she deserved. Now she will sue. Dont give her s--t. Its Escalate, not Escalade you stupid trash b---h.

  2. Two wrongs definitely dont make a right. Unfortunately he has lost his job over this. Rightfully so!!!!! He took it way too far. Throw her ghetto a--e off the bus and close the doors. Notify police to cover your own assets. This here…over the top!

  3. If anyone looks at the video you can clearly see he was getting the best of here during their verbal confrontation, and when her peers started laughing, she walks over to the driver and hits him.. SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVES. AND IT WAS FUNNY!!!!

  4. I think it is appalling that that “hoodrat” felt he should not have “punched” her. Listen, you put your hands on ANYONE – i.e. woman hits woman, woman hits man, and vice-versa – EXPECT consequences. It is unfortunate, that society has dictated that men should NOT hit women, NO women should not hit men and vice versa. I do NOT accept that because I am a woman that I should NOT be hit back. Lesson learned for her, DO NOT put your hands on a man or ANYONE for that matter because …. This is a new generation and these young folks have gotten sooooooooo disrespectful and lack respect and any sort of morals i.e. the schools. Very sad state that the society is in today. My support to the bus driver and his family.

  5. She got it coming. I saw the video online, and she was verbally assaulting that fifty nine year old man driving the bus. If the bus was in motion, and she distracted him enough, there could have been some serious damage done. Also, the profanity the woman used was completely absurd. She’s 25, and thinks being younger is all that, and she has the authority to lose her mind.

    She got what was coming. Honestly, the bus driver had no fault but to defend himself, and pretty much the safety of the passengers. Kudos to the man breaking the double-standard.

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