Mark Berndt in court
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Students Who Were Forced To Eat Teacher’s Semen Cookies Awarded $140 Million Settlement

Mark Berndt in court

Los Angeles third grade teacher Mark Berndt, 63, was a teacher of thirty years with the L.A. Unified School District when a disturbing tale unfolded about the teacher in 2012.

This is perhaps the most disturbing story of the year which is about a 3rd grade teacher who blindfolded his students and force-fed them cookies topped with semen. This ending up with the school district awarding $140 million to the victim’s families.

Police where alerted by a clerk at a photo pharmacy of kids blindfolded in “bondage style” photos brought in by the teacher.

Police investigators not only uncovered photos of the blindfolded kids eating the semen cookies but also eating semen from a spoon as well as photos of roaches crawling on the students.

There’s also allegations that Berndt masturbated in front of his students, a claim that was allegedly ignored by the school district when brought to their attention in the early 90’s.

There was even a claim that a photograph was presented by a parent to the head of the school of a child eating a cookie with white slime covering it.

The parent threatened to call the police but apparently was requested by the principal not to do so.

Berndt plead guilty to feeding the semen laced cookies and is currently serving a 25 year sentence.

Ironically, the disturbed teacher wasn’t fired after his arrest, so basically he reportedly retired from teaching with pension.

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