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Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Truthers Say Hero Is Actor, Shooting Was A Hoax (VIDEO)

Gene Rosen of Newtown, Conn., who is being called a Sandy Hook Hero after reportedly helping six surviving students that was left at the foot of his driveway by a bus driver after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, is claiming that he is being harassed by a group called “truthers”.

The “truthers,” who are being called a group of conspiracy theorists for seeking out the real truth of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre, claim Gene Rosen is an actor and liar and the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

According to Rosen, who had spoke with Salon in an interview, the bodies of 20 children sat out all night about an eight of a mile from his window because the medical examination couldn’t come.

Answers given by the retired psychologist and the reported registered Screen Actors Guild thespian are not the only ones that have caused red flags to the truthers.

In a video released on YouTube, parents of one of the alleged deceased children, Emilie Parker, reportedly was seen with the girl in a photo-op posing with Obama and her family following the shooting. In addition, Facebook pages for the young girl were allegedly made prior to the shooting date and the pages announced her death apparently before the shooting.

Meanwhile, Rosen says he just wanted to speak on the children’s bravery which has kind of helped him, he claims. Rosen admits that he kind of opened himself up to being subjected to this kind of controversy.


Watch the truthers Sandy Hook conspiracy video below:

Sandy Hook Conspiracy VIDEO: Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

Sandy Hook Conspiracy VIDEO: Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

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