Humanoid Computers Robots Teaching Each Other
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Robots, Computers Teaching Each Other and Humans, Yes It Is Happening (Video)

Humanoid Computers Robots Teaching Each Other

In the bold new world we look forward to bold new technology which will include things such as virtual reality and robotics.

At some point we can imagine the world of humanoids robots which walk on their own, speak and even develop ways to learn.

However much we could possibly imagine, we probably could not have ever fathomed the idea of a robot teaching another robot, let alone a computer teaching another computer.

Researchers at Washington State University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science have developed a method which apparently allows a computer to teach skills to another computer much like a teacher would do with a student.

There is much to imagine where this type of technology could lead, possibly even to one day computer-robots teaching humans in a classroom setting. Hmm…?

Check out the video of computers teaching each other to play Pac-Man.

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