Ringtones/Mastertones Could Mean Millions for Artists and Labels

According to reports Informa Telecoms and Media are projecting a $6.8 billion mastertone business by 2010.

According to reports Informa Telecoms and Media are projecting a $6.8 billion mastertone business by 2010, which could possibly mean happier labels gaining more profits.

Recently Memphis artist Justin Timberlake has been having a great year for 2006 with his latest album Future Sex/LoveSounds even though a lot of people had their doubts as to whether this album would be a success. So far he has proved tons of them wrong.

Currently, Justin Timberlake is one the top mastertones (also known as ringtones, true tones, realtones, or ringtunes) for 2006 ranking in at number 2 for Sexyback selling more than 1,130,000 and number 6 for My Love with over 780,000 sold. Though Timberlake had the highest combined sales, Akon slightly beat him by only 90,000 according to Nielsen RingScan data report for the #1 spot selling 1,220,000 ringtones. Timberlake also happened to latch on to the Top Digitally Downloaded Tracks pulling in at #8 for Sexyback Main Version featuring T.I. which sold more than 1,190,000 downloads.

For those that haven’t been keeping up, recently the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) introduced Master Ringtone Sales Awards by inaugurating 128 gold and platinum artists to recognize the growing trend in Mastertones/Ringtones commercially.

It’s stated that BMI, known for collecting royalties for members of their organization that are songwriters, composers and music publishers like ASCAP is projecting revenues to surpass $600 million in 2006 for U.S ringtones which is $100 million more than last year. London based ARC Group reports have been noted as stating that in the past year sales have grew more than 40% and have accounted for more than 10% of the music market ($3.5 billion) globally. The group is forecasting a growth in sales to exceed $5.2 billion which will carry on into 2008.

With the new popular media trend, mastertones not only allow labels to benefit but also the artists especially those who are nationally known independent artists.

Top 10 Mastertones – 2006

By Rank – Artist “Title” – Units Sold

1 – Akon “Smack That” – 1,220,000
2 – Justin Timberlake “Sexy Back” – 1,130,000
3 – Hinder “Lips of an Angel” – 1,090,000
4 – Ludacris “Money Maker” (Pharrell Chorus) – 900,000
5 – Jibbs “Chain Hang Low” – 870,000
6 – Justin Timberlake “My Love” – 780,000
7 – Beyonce “Irreplaceable” – 690,000
8 – Lil’ Scrappy “Money In The Bank” – 580,000
9 – DJ Unk “Walk It Out” – 580,000
10 – Bow Wow “Shortie Like Mine” – 570,000

Source: Nielsen RingScan

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