Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks NFL Cornerback
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Richard Sherman: Saying ‘Thug’ Is Now The Acceptable Way to Replace ‘N-Word’ (VIDEO)

Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks NFL Cornerback

Seattle Seahawks NFL defensive back Richard Sherman, who had an epic post game interview ripping into 49ers receivers Michael Crabtree, is responding to critics of his interview.

Richard Sherman says at the least it is “disappointing” at how many critics responded by calling him a ‘thug’ when he was fired up after his recent football game.

Sherman claims the only thing that really bothered him about being called a thug for his demeanor in his interview was how the word seemed to be ‘the accepted way’ of calling someone the ‘n-word’ nowadays.

After Sherman’s outburst on TV ripping into 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree that took place just moments after the heated football game between the NFL rivals, the word thug was thrown multiple times into television.

“What’s the definition of a thug?,” the Stanford graduate, who came out of college with a excellent GPA, asked reporters.

Sherman adds that maybe he was talking loudly and doing something he was not suppose to, but claims he’s seen hockey games where they didn’t even play hockey but instead broke out in fights, but yet he’s being called a ‘thug.’

Not only is Richard Sherman, 25, a graduate of Stanford University, he writes columns for Sport Illustrated tackling issues on sports/player safety, yet it seems the “thug” term is being placed with Sherman for growing up in his hometown of Compton, despite his education and accomplishments.

Sherman says he knows those who are considered thugs and they all know he is the ‘furthest thing from a thug’ saying, “Just because you hear Compton,” and “cities like that, you just think thug, he’s a gangster.. and then you hear Stanford” and Sherman says they say, ‘oh man that doesn’t even make sense, that’s an oxymoron.’

Prior to his statement, Richard Sherman revealed that he has fought his whole life just coming from where he came from and it’s really “frustrating” running into the apparent stereotypes today.

Still many say it seems Richard Sherman may have wanted to show his sportsmanship to Crabtree after the NFL cornerback helped seal the team’s spot in the next Superbowl by deflecting a pass meant for the 49ers’ Crabtree by chasing him down, slapping him on the butt and saying ‘hell of a game.’ Repeating those words, Sherman extended his hand to Crabtree who rather than shaking his hand shoved Sherman away.

Has the NFL cornerback and Stanford graduate touched something in America that’s a needed debate regarding the use of the term ‘thug’?

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