Hunter Moore indicted for revenge site

‘Revenge Porn King’ Allegedly Stole Pics Of Exposed Exes, Arrested By FBI in Cali

Hunter Moore indicted for revenge site

Hunter Moore, the 27 year-old creator of a website allowing ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to submit explicit photos of their former partners, is accused of stealing some photos of the exes.

Moore, whose site became popular from new images of exes’ private photos being exposed, allegedly instructed a hacker to break into email accounts to steal private photos.

Alleged hacker Charles Evans, 25, was arrested along with Moore by the FBI on charges of conspiracy and computer intrusion.

Apparently the FBI obtained emails of the two discussing the scheme in 2011 and coming to a deal for $250 for six girls and six guys’ pictures leading up to a $200 a week payment to Evans by Moore via PayPal.

It was 2012 when Moore and a couple of friends started the now defunct “revenge porn website.”

Moore, who never tried to hide his revengeful ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend website, said, in a past television interview, “it’s 2012” and people should know by now what’s going to happen with their pictures if they put them out there.

Moore and Evans have been charged with a 15-count indictment on charges of conspiracy, identity theft and more.

The two face up to 5 years in federal prison for each related charge linked to possibly peddling “hundreds” of explicit pictures of people without getting permission.

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