Rapper No Soda Invades Miami, Preps New Hip Hop Music Premiere “How I’m Rockin”

Rapper No Soda who was recently caught on tape performing his new single “U Aint Who U Say U Is” in a live performance at Memphis Hip Hop Expo 2010, is currently prepping the release of a new music single and music video for his new song entitled “How I’m Rockin” featuring C-Mack Da Master and Wild Wizzle.

The new single and music video “How I’m Rocking” is set to premiere on this Tuesday, tomorrow (Sept 14). “How I’m Rocking” follows behind the recent music video release of U Aint Who U Say U Is (Street Version).

With the release of his 2010 debut single “On My Grind,” No Soda, who’s bred in the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, has been building momentum in the indie game and is building a name for himself with his street music releases.

No Soda’s new hip hop song release and new music video premiere “How I’m Rockin” is directed by Memphis native Derek Baines of DTV Films and was filmed on location in South Beach Miami, Florida.

“I ain’t M.I.A./I’m in M.I.A./On the beach chillin/Drinking ‘Grandma Yay [Grand Marnier]’,” boasts No Soda in the lyrics of the rap song chorus.

“How I’m Rockin” features C-Mack Da Master and Wild Wizzle and although the song keeps with the street swag, being in South Beach Miami, you know to expect some bikini-clad girls and models in the video.

According to manager DJ Nina Stakz, No Soda chose South Beach film location because he says he wanted to do something that would set him apart from the numerous local up and coming rappers, “…it’s so many rappers out here, you gotta make every move your best move or else you gon fade into the background.”

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