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Rapper Lord Infamous Arrested On Domestic Assault; Bail Set At $12K

Lord Infamous born Ricky Dunigan brother of Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul was arrested on Saturday and charged with domestic assault for being involved in a fight.

A representative of Black Rain Entertainment has confirmed with that rapper Lord Infamous born Ricky Dunigan brother of DJ Paul and co-founder of Three 6 Mafia then known as Triple Six Mafia, has indeed been arrested as of Saturday. The rapper was booked on Mar 15, 2008 at 7:19PM.

A label representative told that Lord Infamous was involved in a fight with a relative. Though the label did not wish to disclose exactly who the relative was, a source close to stated that the fight involved Lord Infamous and his brother. The representative of the label did however, inform that both parties, Lord Infamous and the relative involved, were arrested and taken to jail.

Lord Infamous was charged with domestic assault and bodily harm.

The rapper is expected to appear before the Judge on early Friday morning of March 28, 2008.

Lord Infamous’ grand bond amount is currently set at $12,000.

In other news, the rapper Lord Infamous has been working with long time friend and label partner, rapper/producer II Tone and has been working on a number of upcoming projects for the label Black Rain Entertainment.

The representative told that currently the label is also preparing another project with newly formed group Da Club House Click which is made up of Lord Infamous, II Tone, Mac Montese, Lyrical Madness, Big Cheese, K. Redd, and K-D a.k.a killa d.

The new projects with Lord Infamous are expected later this year.

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