Rapper Flo Rida Accused Of Song Jacking "Don’t Know How To Act" was recently contacted via a letter accusing Florida rapper Flo Rida of song jacking ‘Don’t Know How To Act’.

Florida rapper Flo Rida who’s been making digital waves has been accused of song jacking according to a letter from one of the representatives for the Memphis based rap music group Stockholdaz. The song in question is the newly released song by Flo Rida “Don’t Know How To Act” featuring Yung Joc which is called “Don’t Know How 2 Act” by the Stockholdaz which was originally released in late 2006 produced by Memphis bred, now Atlanta based, producer Drumma Boy. It is alleged that the hook and some of the beat and music have been taken and broken down into individual tracks, kicks, high hats, snares, etc. and then rearranged.

In the letter sent to, a representative for the label, Stockholdaz Entertainment, sent the following:

[blockquote]Stockholdaz Entertainment out of Memphis, TN is an upcoming independent label out right now! They got a single pushin in the streets “Don’t Know How 2 Act” produced by the hottest producer out Drumma Boy!

Now usually I wouldn’t do this but somethings you cant let go. Please understand that I am very aware that concepts and styles get duplicated over time, its all a part of the game, but when you run across your song on YouTube for instance and you hear it out of the mouth of someone else who not only copied your concept but blatantly stole your hook….well I guess something does have to be said for Swagga Jackin!!!!!

Now the story behind this is simple….several months ago Stockholdaz was contacted by reps from a certain major label interested in what had been goin in the streets of Memphis, its a powerful movement goin and its highly respected in the hood and beyond in other markets. They seen the swag from the myspace pages, they seen the swag from the clothing line put out independently, they heard the music. Spoke several times with a couple different people, had a meeting in Memphis with one of their reps, they even shot a little marketing promo package idea they wanted Stockholdaz to jump on.

It was cool Stockholdaz was just sittin on it..they are independent.

Next thing you know DJ’s that know Stockholdaz music callin sayin “you may want to check out Flo Rida & Yung Joc new single “Don’t Know How To Act” Is it a coincidence….you be the judge… better yet….. let the streets call it!!!!! [/blockquote]

The two songs, again, in question are “Don’t Know How To Act” and “Don’t Know How 2 Act”.


Flo Rida – “Don’t Know How To Act”

Stockholdaz – “Don’t Know How 2 Act”

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