Transsexual Shayla Stacks linked to producer Jazze Pha
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Producer Jazze Pha Hooked Up With A Transsexual Named Shayla Stacks?!

Transsexual Shayla Stacks linked to producer Jazze Pha

Hip-Hop rumors, gay rumors have music producer Jazze Pha linked to a shocking allegation, which includes a photo and a transsexual named Shayla Stacks.

Shayla Stacks, a reported pre-op transsexual posted a photo believed to be of her and producer Jazze Pha boo’d up together sparking the rumors that Jazze Pha is in love with a tranny.

Along with the photo, Shayla Stacks included the caption, “He Keeps Me Warm.”

So was Jazze Pha accidentally exposed living an alternative lifestyle in Atlanta with transsexual Shayla Stacks, is this simple speculation built around a misconstrued photo or something else?

Meanwhile, while this rumor is developing, the Grammy Award winning producer posted the following message over Twitter.


Here is the photo that started it all plus some more photos of Shayla Stacks:

Transsexual Shayla Stacks posted picture of being in bed with Jazze Pha

Shayla Stacks and Jazze Pha cuddling?!

Photo via Straight From The A

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