Photo of Barack Obama hugging daughter Malia during 2013 Oath of Office

President Obama Sworn In Under Oath, Daughter Sasha Whispers ‘Good job, Daddy’

Photo of President Obama taking 2013 Oath of Office with Michelle

President Barack Obama was officially sworn-in on today after taken the Oath of Office in the White House Blue Room on today Sunday, January 20, 2013.

The President was joined by the First Lady, wife Michelle Obama, who was holding the bible where Barack placed his left hand, along with daughters Malia and Sasha, wearing their royal-like attire.

Apparently, Inaugural Ceremonies on Sunday are not common historically, due to Courts and other public institutions not being open, yet still Obama took the Oath and was sworn in without any ‘mess ups,’ as Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha pointed out quite politely.

After being sworn in, Obama hugs and kisses wife and First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Malia then as going to hug Sasha, she can just slightly be heard whispering what sounds like, “Good job, Daddy!”

After wishing daddy a good job, President Obama, in the quiet Blue Room, responds, “I did it!”

Sasha smiles and says again quietly what sounds like, “You didn’t mess up,” hinting that the President may have had a few not so perfect rehearsals.

This officially marks the beginning of President Barack Obama’s second 4-year term in office.

Obama 2nd Term As President Begins With Oath; Tells Daughter Sasha ‘I Did It’

Obama 2nd Term As President Begins With Oath; Tells Daughter Sasha ‘I Did It’

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