Power 99 Nonstop Hip-Hop, Shuts Down, Changes Format to 98.9 KIM FM

As pretenders, we play along to make things go away easily, but at 2:00 PM Friday, Power 99 in Memphis, TN all nonstop hip-hop radio stopped dead in it’s track

Memphis,TN (September 15, 2006) – As pretenders, we play along to make things go away easily, but at 2:00 PM Friday, Power 99 in Memphis, TN all nonstop hip-hop radio stopped dead in it’s track and flipped the script on it’s radio listeners and most others without any notification or making them aware of their new format change to the new 98.9 KIM FM. Sources told that most everyone if not all of the Power 99 radio personalities are gone which is an unfortunate happening. The entire format has been changed which will inturn make all the listeners who were dying for nothing but hip-hop/rap venture on to stations such as K97 FM and Hot 107.1 FM.

This comes as an odd surprise, as Power 99 was reported to have had as many listeners, if not, a slight more than other Hip-hop stations in the area and definitely had a long list of very popular DJ’s and both the station (Power 99) and the Dj’s were steadily growing in popularity.

Earlier this year, Power 99 recently developed a partnership with aimed at supporting the Independent Rap/Hip-Hop Community and this was reported to have been a major factor in increasing the popularity of the station and the station’s online website. “I was unaware myself of the station change, it comes at a surprise to me as well. I can’t say much but that we ( will continue to support the growth of our city Memphis and the artists and people within it as always. I guess it will be the responsibility of stations such as K97 FM and Hot 107.1 FM to step up and show their support for the mass-growing Rap/Hip-Hop Community in Memphis now that Power 99 is gone. I think they (K97 FM and Hot 107.1 FM) have always been great supporters of Memphis anyway but I just feel that artists need more, and we need more from artists as well. It’s not a one way street, can’t do it all, neither can radio, but together we can become a force in the Industry to reckon with. All the time working with other artists and Industry people in other cities as well, as we have always encouraged both. I think, no, I know it’s just a matter of time before all the right dots and people are connected,” stated M Town Luv, director and founder of

A couple of radio shows in Memphis have already shown up recently in support of independent music out of Memphis including the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission’s (MSCMC) show entitled ND Radio hosted by Antonio ‘2 Shay’ Parkinson, Peppa Mouth of the South (both members of the MSCMC with 2 Shay being the newly appointed Chairman) and DJ Devin Steele on Clear Channel’s WHRK 97.1 FM.

No word as to the plans of the popular DJ’s that were on the ex-Power 99’s staff including DJ Freddy Hydro (Southern Entertainment Awards [SEA] 2005 Radio DJ of the Year and 2007’s nominated DJ of the Year & #1 Male Personality), DJ E-Feezy (2007 SEA nominated #1 Male Personality), Ena Esco (2007 SEA nominated #1 Female Personality), hot & sexy diva DJ Koko and others. As with anyone in this Industry though, the future is in each of our own hands, and we can only wish them all the best now and in the future.

As for the ex-Power 99, sources tell that the new 98.9 KIM FM is expecting to cater to a more female audience, with the new radio station playlist, which plans to air a variety mix of music ranging from Pop, R&B and alternative from the ’70’s to the present.

“I feel that this is good to some point, but you have to look at what will the outcome be in the long run. We all know that women are some of the biggest buyers in the world, but we also must realize with whatever we do we must cater to both our teens and the men”, stated Charla Littlejohn, co-founder of, and owner of one of the largest and longest running online women in music news portal and communities online,

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