Police Brutality CD Compilation

Police Brutality
“The American Nightmare”

In recent events in the city of Los Angeles a black teenager was assaulted by a LA police officer. A video was shot by a witness showing the brutal attack by a white officer who blatantly violated the teens civil rights. The young man was handcuffed, slammed on the hood of a patrol car, punched in the face and choked by the officer, who when later questioned remarked “he deserved what he got!” All this took place while other officers watched (even several black officers), none of which stepped forward to protect the young mans rights.

This is too often the case in minority communities where police officers act more like Nazi Gestapo rather than civil servants or peace officers. This is not a new problem by far, but has become increasingly more public due to the advent of video cameras. Not to long ago the beating of Mr. Rodney King horrified the nation and the LA riots that followed after the not guilty verdicts of the accused officers involved were announced. This spawned the adage “No Justice No Peace.” This event nearly destroyed the community and the harmony amongst its inhabitants that took years to develop..

Why is it that the average black youth in this country think of the police as the enemy, someone to fear? Our Nation is in turmoil due to the 911 terrorist attacks, The president has waged an all out war to safeguard the sanctity of our Nation thus “Homeland Security,” yet we as black people are subject to the constant threat of over zealous cowboys with guns and badges assaulting our youth, manhandling our women and disrespecting our senior citizens. All seemingly above the Law. Do we not deserve the same protection from these terrorists from within our boarders as well as those abroad?

I challenge the American people to stop living in fear of the vary people employed to “Protect & Serve” our communities. To challenge those who have witnessed or experienced these atrocities to come forward and to be counted. We must come together as a people oppressed and voice our outrage. No longer can we accept these treatments and violations upon our people, just because we are black, poor or considered second class citizens. We have the God given right not to live in fear, to walk the streets of our communities with dignity, with our heads held high.

Maybe it is time to write our Congressmen, local officials and political leaders, and to demand change. Should new stricter laws be written to punish those in law enforcement positions who break the law and violate the rights of those he or she is hired to protect. I personally think so! Or is this a pipe dream with no validity or solution in sight until it is placed upon White Americans, maybe only then will change come to pass. I don’t look forward to seeing anyone beaten and violated in this way, black or white. But I’m sure when it happens to those not black we’ll see justice swiftly executed and laws implemented to keep this type of crime from being so rampant in the future. We live in a world of double standards, those for the majority (whites) and those for the minorities (the rest of us). What ever happened to the idea of equality and justice for all?

Red Dog

Recent events have motivated Coast 2 Coast/Funktown Records to produce an upcoming Album entitled Police Brutality ” The American Nightmare”. We are calling on national recording artist to participate and make a statement through Song, Rap, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word in regard to Police Brutality in America. Thus exposing Police Corruption and opening the doors of change.

Police Brutality CD

Coast 2 Coast/Funktown Records is in the process of producing a full length CD in response to recent events in minority communities. We are seeking inclusion of national recording artist to make a statement through Song, Rap, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word in regard to Police Brutality in America. It is time that the world is made aware of the negative and often brutal relationship between the Law enforcement and Black/Hispanic peoples.

Include your track on the Police Brutality CD.

Submissions are subject to approval and space is limited so book early. SPACE

LIMITED Deadline: Sept 2002

Please Note: Your submission must include audio master on DAT or CD 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate. You must also provide the following information


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