Pimp Teddy of Kami Kaze Inc arrested with homicide

Two weeks before the release of their 6th album, Kami Kaze Inc, Memphis rapper Pimp Teddy a.k.a Tedius Bledsoe, one of the members from the “Thugz From Da Southside”, was arrested in connection with a believed robbery turned homicide. Police believe that Bledsoe, tried to steal a Ford Expedition that belong to a Decon of a nearby church. The driver came to a red-light, when Bledsoe, opened the door and pointed his 9-millimeter gun at the driver. The driver also armed, suprised Bledsoe with his gun. Realizing the driver was armed, Bledsoe struck the driver several times with his gun until it went off. The driver was then considered dead and was dragged out of the vehicle, unto the street. Bledsoe then sped away in the driver’s SUV, only to be apprehended hours later. He was then taken to Memphis’s Correctional Facility, downtown and is to be later indicted. The Decon whose name was not known at the time was dead on arrivial. Both families had no comment.

Bledsoe was a member of the Kami Kaze Inc, which is ran by former members of the Hypnotize Camp Posse; M.C. Mack & Scan Man. Their album, Kami Kaze Inc, was release September 11, same day as the bombing of the world trade center. Bledsoe made several appearances on The M.C. Mack & Scan Man’s project: Kami Kaze Inc album.

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