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Pastor’s Wife & Mistress Fight During Church Service?!

Pastor Frank Ray and wife Deborah J. Ray

Church service at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN was not the same and probably will never be the same again, after a fight broke out during church service between two women and families over one woman, allegedly the Pastor’s Wife and another woman, allegedly the Pastor’s mistress.

New Salem members watched in awe as two women fought during their Sunday Communion service, allegedly over pastor Frank Ray’s marital affairs.

Soon after the fight between the two women began, a brawl between two families sparked near the church’s choir section, reports WMCTV who also reports that Beverly Milam, her nemesis Terry Bell, and Bell’s daughter, Charra Lumpkin, were at the center of the altercation.

Bell and Milam revealed that the fight began over a verbal confrontation at last Wednesday’s Bible study where Milam told Bell to “stop sleeping with somebody” which led to Bell getting in her face.

At the fight in church on Sunday, both women are claiming the other one started it. Bell claims Milam hit her daughter, while Milam claims Angel, Bell’s friend, hit her in the face with an umbrella and that’s when family ‘jumped in.’

Later, officers arrived on the church scene and separated the women and others from fighting.

No one was arrested. Milam was treated at the church, for a slightly swollen and bloodshot right eye, while the other two (Bell and Lumpkin, who both suffered from scratch marks to their neck and upper chest) refused medical treatment.

Picture: Pastor Frank Ray and wife Deborah J. Ray

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  1. Pastor you have created a mess!!! Just like it says in 1 Timothy 3, that the pastor is husband to ONE wife (not side chicks) and be able to run his own house before he can lead the church. Repent people.

  2. SMH!!!! Well this comment is to the ladies, where is your integrity as a woman. How are y’all suppose to lead people to Chirst but y’all are acting like fools. What kinda mess is this y’all should be ashame of yours. And in the mist of all this the pastor may not want neither of y’all , I know I wouldn’t . But reality is it a MAN! with a p---s and has no respect for his own wife to not choose one in the church but in stead he does. At this point I only pray for the children… Y’all continue to fight but just leave the church out of it for the respect for the hose of The Lord !!!

  3. Sometimes it’s good to put these mistress in their place because some of them act like they are the wife and they run things. I believe the wife couldn’t take again by the throughing of words and so on, so tjats why she fought back. Shes right, but some people may never understand. Enough is enough.

  4. Not every one that switch unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doe the the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
    We can look at the church and the people in it.. We can look at the world and the people in it. At the end of the day ONLY what YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. We must repent daily and work out our own salvation individually. Because Jesus is coming back! Will YOU be ready YOU not them is who God is concerned about. I strive daily to do right, get right, and stay right. I pray for things like this because it is hard to walk this salvation walk. But we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. Try Jesus he will lead and guide you to a good bible based church. He gives us pastors after his own heart not ours. And thank God for that!

  5. The pastor should lose his position at the church and his side chick should be band from the church because she’s a disgrace

  6. Is the wife named Beverly Milam as in the story or Deborah Ray as in the photo caption? This makes no sense.

  7. That’s sad y’all women should have beat the mess out of him he knows better thin that and the women should fell a shame of them self ladies show some respect for them self’s and for gods house.

  8. This is why I don’t deal with these Black churches, they are the worst things walking. all they do is sit up with their religious behinds, trying to out dress one another, evil, hateful, hypocritical, cheaters, sleeping with each others spouses, and lets not forget ON THE DOWNLOW Oh did I say that??????? These black churches are going to be the first ones to fill up the bus going to hell.

  9. this is what you call lasciviousness in the church and that is sad this man is not called by God to preach and if you are not called by God to preach you need to get out the pulpit this is disgusting

  10. never at church and especially not at communion service. That is a sacred period. Ladies you two are being used by a man who does not love either of you. He is so not worth getting scratched up or an injured eye over. Sad…this is my opinion based on the limited facts in the printed story. It very well may be much more to this story. Praying for you both and the congregation that you all be able receive God’ forgiveness, for yourself and others

  11. I am truly AHHH of this whole charade, what a shame & literally before God! I feel so sorry for these women & this Pastor & if repentance doesn’t take place, it will b a special place for theses leaders of the church. This is y people don’t take Christianity seriously because of stiff like this, God b with them. The enemy use them n such away which makes me wonder how rooted they were n their faith. To b a Pastor & literally engage n Erotic activities with another woman outside ur wife, is just down right abomination. God c’s all & He knows all, how this situation has grieved the Holy Spirit so. I am so sorry tht the tempted used them n a mighty way as he did, I just pray tht others will not turn from God because of who it was, or the mistakes of others. God is still Great & He can & is able to turn this situation around no matter how dark it looks right now. God is still God! Remember, there is no sin greater than the next & what the enemy meant for nad, God is definitely the one to work it out for the good. Repent my brothers & sisters before it’s to late. I love u all.

  12. Well that let us know there ar no fear of God in their hearts. In spite of what was said or who started it, it should not have cause anyone to act out in GOD’S HOUSE. Much prayer for that Pastor & Church Family we can’t allow the enemy to use us in any way form or fashion.
    I will be praying for the Pastor & Church Family

  13. This is not news, only gossip and garbage…even the cops didn’t want to get involved on a slow work dAy for them!!!

  14. The pastors wife was just trying to rebuke that demon out of that woman…she put her hands on her to pray for her and she fell out because those demons were being released back to the pits of hell….lol

  15. Because oh lust and greed has taken over pastors this type of behavior in inevitable. When you play in slop call sin, you come out smelling and acting like a pig.

  16. What silly blind congregation. This man knows exactly what he’s doing. Yet you still attend, give him your money and support him. At least follow someone that looks as if he’s trying to live what he preaches. Forgive me but you all look stupid. It’s time for you to remove him and all of your preachers, deacons etc. and get someone new. This is ridiculous!

  17. My God..Women get your own husband why would you devalue yourself…This is what happens when the head of the church Isnt following God. A disgrace and God is not pleased. No respect for the house of God

  18. My God..Women get your own husband why would you devalue yourself…This is what happens when the head of the church Isnt following God. A disgrace and God is not pleased. No respect for the house of Gosd.

  19. Now how the hell can you trust the word of the pastor when he broke one of the ten commandments. I’m just saying.

  20. Why is this article titled, “Pastor’s Wife and Mistress Fight…”, when based upon reading the article the pastor’s wife was not involved in the altercation? I’m not even sure the alleged mistress was involved in the altercation either. I don’t live in Tennessee nor do I have any knowledge or personal connection to any of the parties; but, the title of this article is misleading and defaming to Deborah Ray.

  21. I’m speechless. When will african american women stop doing this stuff. He is married, send him home to his wife and don’t tolerate the horse manure he is bringing you. You yourself (the mistress) deserve better as well. Why disrespect yourself as well. Be a lady. We need to stop destroying our sisters’ home. I will not belittle myself by even addressing the man in this story.

  22. I don’t know why pastor’s or so called pastors sleep with there flock (members) you are the head of this earthy flock leading and showing your members the right way. Well Mrs. Milam believe me there or more. I will pray for you and your church family.

  23. The names are different. Are the people pictured the ones that were fighting? It would be a shame if their picture was posted with a story that had nothing to do with them.

  24. Silly women why fight each other kick his a-s he is cheating and lying on both of y’all…. Why don’t women don’t get that all he is doing is sitting back laughing say to himself they so dumb

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