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Pastor’s Wife & Mistress Fight During Church Service?!

Pastor Frank Ray and wife Deborah J. Ray

Church service at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN was not the same and probably will never be the same again, after a fight broke out during church service between two women and families over one woman, allegedly the Pastor’s Wife and another woman, allegedly the Pastor’s mistress.

New Salem members watched in awe as two women fought during their Sunday Communion service, allegedly over pastor Frank Ray’s marital affairs.

Soon after the fight between the two women began, a brawl between two families sparked near the church’s choir section, reports WMCTV who also reports that Beverly Milam, her nemesis Terry Bell, and Bell’s daughter, Charra Lumpkin, were at the center of the altercation.

Bell and Milam revealed that the fight began over a verbal confrontation at last Wednesday’s Bible study where Milam told Bell to “stop sleeping with somebody” which led to Bell getting in her face.

At the fight in church on Sunday, both women are claiming the other one started it. Bell claims Milam hit her daughter, while Milam claims Angel, Bell’s friend, hit her in the face with an umbrella and that’s when family ‘jumped in.’

Later, officers arrived on the church scene and separated the women and others from fighting.

No one was arrested. Milam was treated at the church, for a slightly swollen and bloodshot right eye, while the other two (Bell and Lumpkin, who both suffered from scratch marks to their neck and upper chest) refused medical treatment.

Picture: Pastor Frank Ray and wife Deborah J. Ray

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  1. Satan is really busy. what happened to the dignity and respect of (and from)the women in the church, especially “The First Lady?” Truly God is not pleased. You should Worship “God” and not man. “SHAMEFUL”

  2. aw this is a mess….God is not the arch of confusion….This is one reason why some people don’t come to church now

  3. You wonder why people don’t go to church. They can get the same thing.vs in the streets!!!! The people that did this in church are not true Christians and .it practicing whapreach preach!!!!

  4. Stop blaming the chruch and believe God words,these are signs that end is near warnings befor destruction.

  5. All I can is Smdh! God’s people fighting over a man? They should be leaving this Pastor bcuz he has been cheating on both of them and he is married..God help us all…

  6. U know this is some bull crap this does not make any sense at all and people wonder why alot of people don’t go to church ⛪ because there are 2 many hypocritical so called church ⛪ folks out here u don’t know what church ⛪ 2 trust.I only trust da man upstairs and dats Jesus I can never go wrong talking to him

  7. Are you kidding me. He is a man of the flesh not cloth and should be put out of the pullpit. No respect for men like this so no need for him to try and speak the gospel.

  8. This is to crazy and in the house of the lord wow you never let anyone make you show your hand life can be like playing poker there is a time and place for everything smh…first lady you are the queen never leave your throne to address peasant’s… Ijs disappointed in the actions these women took in the house of God

  9. I think both these women forgot who the main problem is here: The PASTOR!!!!!!! I wouldn’t fight the woman; I’d fight my husband!!!!

  10. Christian are liars cheats rapist manipulators stripper killers scammers who believe they are cleaned because they say I repeat they say there coverd in the blood of jesus and we put our kids in danger because web let the enemy teach our children

  11. What message did they show other young black women? ON THE LORD’S HOUSE!!THEIR IS NO GREATER SIN;. S DON IS A SIN! Pastor you are WRONG!

  12. The two women should have hit his a-s…….. He is the root of ALL of it…. and a mistress needs to stay in her place second. … she share the responsibility in knowing that this man was married. The flesh is weak both ways but I man is weaker by nature….. I would have fought this woman I would have put a good a-s wiping on him…

  13. This article seems inaccurate, the wife’s name is not listed as the one women fighting. These are two other women.

  14. I keep telling people we are truly living in the end times there was a time when people respected the sanitary. We must recognize the enemy when he comes to seek and destroy. The Church is under attack and it’s attacking every religion and domination we must put on the whole armor of God. If this pastor is having an affair he should remove himself from being pastor and give his congregation the opposite to discuss the situation and vote to keep him or release. I do understand that pastors are human and they make mistakes but he must allow his congregation to heal. I’m saddened by the way his wife carried her self on that Sunday morning but pain and hurt will make you forget about religion. All l can say let’s pray for these families and the entire congregation who witness this horrible fight.

  15. Wow…in the church !! Nothing surprises me now a days…Lord help them and have mercy on their souls!!

  16. My X was not a pastor, but I promised him that I will never fight another woman over him, if I had to fight anyone it would be him. When it gets to the point of fighting, respect and dignity that honors God’s name is thrown out. God holds his shepherds at a standard of holiness, so when He starts cleaning up, he will start at his sanctuary, that is what this exposure is all about. God is not a respecter of person. A shepherd should love God, love his neighbor, and love his wife like Christ loves the Church. If he cannot do this, he cannot shepherd Jesus’ sheep.

  17. This is one of the reasons why I don’t attend church. Why would I allow someone, that is suppose to be teaching me the word of God and not living the word, in my life. Too hypocritical. I can read and worship in the sanctity of my own home with my husband and son. Everywhere I go is God’s house, not just church.

  18. Are you freaking serious! Every last one of you heathens are wrong, filled with Satan and need to burn in hell, uou too, Pimp in the Pulpit! #Worship

  19. This is sad he had no business putting his wife in a position like that.I was told along time ago one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

  20. Stop making excuses for the church.. He knows better for sleeping with this woman. This is just one reason why people don’t attend church. Who want to if this is what’s going on

    • Amen amen This is why I don’t even attend church services because most of the people there who act holier than thou are actually worst than the sinners that they talk about while preaching at the pulpit on Sundays smfh its ridiculous

  21. Please don’t blame the sanctuary. Blame the parties who are in this shameful situation. Everyrime the body of Christ goes backwards it cost souls to be lost.

  22. No Respect for the LORD’S house and why would I fight another female over MY HUSBAND
    I do not know how some females think now days this is crazy

    • You don’t know what you will do if you were ever in the his wife shoes….if your husband cheated on you and you fine out you will do the same I’m talking about husband nots boyfriends….because our husband are worth fighting for. …

  23. I wish people would stop idolizing these pastors and first ladies…they are still just people at the end of they day.

  24. No one is exempt from sin. The problem is that people place pastor’s and other heads of the church like their all that. These people are human just like us and we all make mistakes

  25. This is EXACTLY why I have nothing to do with religion!
    These extremist nuts are all the same and have nothing to do with the normal christians out there!!

    • you c an’t blame anyone actions on yourself not going to church honestly I truly believe you don’t want to go anyway that’s why you have to find some type of in someone else’s situation to say you don’t want to go first off everyone is not perfect in situations like this you just pray for and you do what you need to do for yourself the day of judgement God is not going to ask you about somebody else mishaps he’s going to ask you about yourself I’m tired of people blaming the church for their reason of not going to church you just don’t want to go anyway now you be blessed with this word and Carrythis out

    • What does a fight have to do with religion as a whole? This type of ignorance happens all of the type, with ALL types of situations, both delicious and non-religious. A married man cheats on his wife, keeps the mistress around, they get caught and the wife and mistress go to blows. This is a befriending drama that happens everywhere. Your comment is lacking a lot of sense.

    • Christians get faced with more issues because -We already believe in God… So the devil wants us to kill and destroy each other, through negative behavior. God is for us because he created all of us including the devil who was once was a positive and skillful being, and he has given all of us free will. We know that it’s wrong to steal, but you either choose to or not. We’re not perfect, only he himself. A just man falls 7 times. Guess what, on the 8th time get back up until you get it right. You can’t give place to the devil. He will always find away to get you off your game to make you look un-smart and act un godly. Some of up are on different levels of understanding (just like pre-k to having a PhD. Some people get it sooner than others, I would keep pressing my way toward the ways of God no matter what comes my way. Final statement, we sing a song – we are soilders, in the army of the Lord; if you believe that then, God don’t need so weak people to throw in the towel every time something goes wrong. He needs experienced people who have gone through something and are still able to stand through the storms of life.

    • its about a personal relationship – not about religion. …not a good excuse for getting to know him for yourself. ….fat people at the gym too…

    • This Is Not Exactly Why You Don’t Deal With Religion .. Your Real Reason Being Is Because You Have made A Choice Not To.. The Church Is Not A perfect place nor has it even been but that’s why we go to strive to be more Christ like.. if the the church were a perfect place it would become imperfect the moment you stepped in.. please stop looking for a reason to not go to church.. stop worrying about others and get saved and minister to your own family about eternal salvation

  26. No man is worth fighting over!! If she can get him…she can have him! God knows all and payback or revenge is In God’s hands.

    • Children probably involved how his wife lives history years love future what they probably built together different from a boyfriend you are fighting for your life not just a man I don’t condone physical violence but why allow someone to have years of your sacrifice unless you just don’t want him anymore but his children probaly still want there father divorce is devastating and can have horrible effect on everyone concerned!

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