Oprah Winfrey, Dame Dash, and T.I. are more than what they seem

It has been hard for African Americans to gain the success that they have in recent years. For the majority of them the process is one that has helped developed them into a person with even more focus then when they started the process of becoming what they are most known for.

For Oprah Winfrey the television host, magazine editor, and business owner the recent years have been even busier than before. She has not only continued to be one of the most famous television hosts in the country she has also become the owner of a number of other businesses. One of Oprah’s more famous new vendors is her magazine O. The magazine O is a magazine that focuses on the lives of middle-aged women. This is just one of many businesses that Oprah Winfrey has created in the past years. Like Oprah, many celebrities have produced new business vendors.

Music mogul Dame Dash has flourished his hustler spirit with the creation of many new businesses that joined his empire. From the record label, to Rocawear clothing company, the film company to his magazine, America. Dame Dash continues to show the country that he is the ultimate, ultimate hustler. Another music giant similar to Dame Dash has caught the entrepreneur bug.

T.I. has taken his huge music career and turned it into a building stone. T.I. is not only a hip-hop great referred to by many as ‘King of the South’; he is also a record label owner, an actor and a housing developer. He has realized the power that music artists have and has taken that into many different areas. T.I. takes homes in the Atlanta area and rebuilds them, then place families who are not homeowners in the new rebuilt homes. Being a music artist or a celebrity has many benefits, but these celebrities see it also as a benefit for others.

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